Objects of a Matriarchal Utopia speaks of a world I envision for future generations.

My art is my medium for processing and healing patriarchal trauma, for reclaiming my narrative.

In my work I shed the shame attached to queerness, female sexuality, and the feminine-coded body.

Imagine a culture in which all constrictions placed upon humanity by patriarchy are lifted, and gender equality is achieved through female liberation. A world in which the female body and female sexuality are destigmatized, a world that celebrates what we were taught to be ashamed of.

My work is about radical self-expression, taking back ownership of our bodies with pride.

I stand for a feminism that aknowledges the intersectionality of systems of oppression. I believe my voice matters, but that my voice alone cannot tell the whole story.

The Matriarchal Utopia stands for a world of liberation from all forms of oppression present in our current systems.

I bow my head to those that have been fighting for equality before me, and make it my mission to join their chorus.

Community-Focused Actions
This is a safe space, open for collaborations with other women and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Get in touch with me!
Liberation through self-expression
My art is not meant for a museum vitrine, it doesn't require a special occasion to be worn. My work is about radical self-expression and taking back ownership of our bodies, every day.
Values that you can wear
I believe in creating visibility for the things that matter the most to us in every day life. My work is the physical manifestation of the change I want to see in the world.

I am not a brand, I am an artist. I don’t make products, I make artwork. My work centres on values, not trends.

Meet the Artist
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